This plan is targeted at tackling the hydra-headed problem of youth unemployment ravaging the economy. If the current trend continues, in a short while as many experts have predicted, majority of our youths may well acquire their degrees and come and sit at home. The labour market is already over flooded with job seekers with not equivalent openings. It calls for inward looking determination to create, rather than spend several years in the labour market seeking already created jobs.

This plan is also geared towards coming on board in a situation where the bread winner looses his or her job, this investment or part of the investment could be traded to finance the remaining years of the said child(ren) invested on their behalf.


After graduation and the said child (ren) chooses to relocate to western world to seek greener pasture, this investment could be traded to finance such venture.


Therefore, our children real estate investment plan seeks to plant a seed today that would become an initial capital outlay for self-employment project after graduation. If you deposit N200,000 (Two hundred thousand naira only) for your child or ward that is say one year old, by the time he would be graduating from the university or polytechnic in the next twenty years, your N200,000 deposit today would have grown to about… at a 20% per annum average rate of return on investors. This is how planning works, take a long-term focus and pay a lower price. Don’t wait until situations are out of hand before you begin to adopt fire-brigade approach. This investment plan is geared towards ensuring a good start-up of your words or children after graduating from higher level of learning. Take a decision today and save yourself and children that undesired situation of tomorrow.