This is a self-directed investment plan that equips a family unit, individuals, corporate business etc to prepare for either retirement, diversify their investment, or plan to build bulk funds to go into a certain business.

It is a pool of fund managed by Hedgetrust Ltd and the company has a discretionary authority to manage the fund in the best aspects of real estate that will deliver a good return on investment.

It is a careful selection of real estate investment opportunities that will have a good return on investment medium and long term to provide for short, medium or long term goals of our respective clients and stakeholders.

In addition, this investment plan will among others be very useful for:

Those that want to establish their own business after retirement from paid employment.

Apprentice staff who want to make savings towards setting up his or her own business.

Those that want to invest towards acquiring assets like: motor vehicle, motorcycle, business centers, shop or eatery as alternative source of income.

Those that want to invest in other to provide for their children school fees or other social needs.


·        Families can plan their short-term financial future their own without prejudice to employers retirement plan and without borrowing.

·        It encourages regular investment culture and financial discipline.

·        Provides growth investment or return on investment that beats the eroding of inflation rate.

·        Text Box: 100 m Hotel Text Box: 200 m affordable Houses of mortgageText Box: 300 m Off Plan House Sale and Development It channels family earnings to create ready cash flow.