All investment both tangible and intangible investments are associated with  some element of Risk. Though, it is very minimal in tangible investment (Real Estate). Sometimes, prices of properties within some location becomes stagnant or sometime decline. A downturn in the prices of property might be      due to natural disaster or any other factor.

Guaranteed Real Estate Investment was developed for the category of    investors who want a reasonable level guaranty of value. It is a steady upward return on investment on a stated percentage of growth. The risk of fall in value arising from either natural disaster or any other factor is completely eliminated through a scheme that guarantees fixed and predetermined return over a period of time. It is recommended to plan with this investment option for a period of three years and above. Returns on investments ranges from 20 – 30% per annum depending on the amount of deposit.


  • Minimum annual investment sum of:
  • Monthly, quarterly or annually deposit
  • Long term investment that pursues retirement planning with less stress.
  • Return on investment is guaranteed all through the life span of the investment.
  • Investors can switch from one maturity period to another without any cost.